meet Amy Anaiz

I cherish life as an Afro-Latina, mom, and artist who views photography as my way to turn ephemeral moments of connection into enduring testaments to love.

Since I picked up my first Kodak disposable camera, life has taken me on a journey as winding and unexpected as the iconic cobblestone streets of the West Village. Through it all, New York City has been the place I’ve always thought of as home. It’s where I found true love, said “hello” to one newborn while saying “goodbye” to another in the same breath, and grown more than I ever imagined I could as a person and as an artist. Through it all, I’ve had the pleasure to step into the lives of some of the most remarkable couples, walking by their side as they begin the best journey of all: marriage.

 Inspired by sincere connection,
brilliant sunshine, and your unique vision.

While I’ve been fascinated by photography for as long as I can remember, the mountains of upstate New York or the glittering Atlantic on the Miami shore never captivated me.

It was always the people.
The connections.
The love.

The way an inside joke could make even the stoic rock of the family throw his head back in laughter. The way the right music could transform Mami into the twirling teenager who had captivated my father. The way a lingering touch shared between lovers seemed to freeze time. The way tiny fingers wrapped around mine could anchor me to this world when it felt like it was crumbling down around me.

When I chose to fill the empty moments in my crowded college schedule with photography extracurriculars, I felt I was gaining the tools to document those kinds of moments we’d all freeze and live in forever if we could. And even as I graduated with a degree in advertising and public relations, I chose to pursue a second degree in photo technology.

Then, I had the opportunity to return to my birth city—the one I’d always thought of as home: New York City. And in 2008, I began a journey more abundant, rewarding, and fulfilling than I could ever have imagined. When I met my partner Jean, he taught me the true meaning of commitment and compromise, ever inviting me to fall deeper in love with both him and with myself. But even as my photography career blossomed, challenges arose. Saying goodbye to my father—my hero and my everything—was the moment I recognized just how precious photography truly is. It allows us to curl back up in the memories too sweet to forget, even if the joy is edged with sorrow.

But it wasn’t until 2022 when the most magical day of my life with Jean ended partly in tragedy that I truly understood the complexity of this life. My overwhelming tears of gratitude for one healthy baby fell on the cheeks of little Micah as we said a heartbreaking farewell to the twin sister he’d never meet: our precious Amilia. 

As I continue on, building this blessing of a business and caring for our family, I feel a renewed sense of purpose in the work I do. As your tribe gathers around you on your wedding day, we might capture the very first image of cousin Amara’s new baby surrounded by her doting aunts and uncles. We never know if that photo of Abuela + Abuelo slow dancing to their wedding song during your reception might be the last. As we document the moment a lifelong commitment begins, it’s about so much more than vows and dance parties stretching into the night. It’s about the chance to preserve the faces of those you love most connecting meaningfully and authentically with each other, laughing with uncontainable joy, and feeling vibrantly alive. These are the images you’ll always treasure. And this is the gift I can’t wait to share with you.

If there’s anything this life has taught me, it’s that tomorrow isn’t promised. So, let’s preserve the moments that matter with the people we love most as we abide with them today! Let’s make sure every joke from your officiant, every tender touch from your fiancé, every champagne toast with your besties is immortalized in timeless photography. 

It would be my absolute honor to witness and capture the moment you go from nearlyweds to newlyweds! I can’t wait to meet you and bring your vision to life.


My work is only possible thanks to the creative vision of the couples who invite me along on their journey! Whether incorporating an old family tradition into a modern celebration or bringing a unique twist to a tradition they’ve outgrown, Amy Anaiz couples are known for blending bold originality with a refined style. But more than anything, they treasure the opportunity to gather their tribe and celebrate the love they’ve found.

OUR clients

“I heard great things about her from my wedding planner, but to experience her and her passion was a different story. If you want an unforgettable experience with an amazing photographer, hire Amy!”


“Amy exudes confidence and passion in her work. She is personable and makes you feel like nothing else matters.”


“When I first spoke to Amy I told her my vision for my wedding, and she immediately understood exactly what I wanted.”


“When you look through the images of my guests, family, décor, and my husband and I, you can’t help but feel the love and joy that was present on that day.”


It’s about true connection. Between you, between us, and between
your lifelong tribe I can’t wait to meet.